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Export Navigator has been helping small businesses and entrepreneurs across British Columbia expand their markets since 2016, when it was launched as a pilot program in four communities.

In 2019 Export Navigator transitioned to a fully-funded program, with plans to help even more businesses navigate the daunting process of expanding their markets outside the province.

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Web Design

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Private Organzation

Website Audit

When the Export Navigator team reached out to us for help with their website, the first task we performed was a User Experience audit. During this exploration phase, our team at Goat carefully scanned through the entire website and put together a report including our findings. This document allowed both teams to align on the project's priorities and have a clear action plan.

technical report showing results of page performance and statistics

User Flows

One of the main priorities emphasized during the website audit was the need for streamlined user flows that guide users towards the primary call-to-action: Find an Advisor.

Our team was responsible for simplifying the user flows, considering different ports of entry depending on how and where users land on the website.

User flow diagram of the Export Navigator site

Design Rounds

With a detailed action plan and the new, streamlined user flows in hand, our Design team started to work on the website redesign. Due to the nature of the program's funding, this redesign was structured based on a phased approach. Every month a certain number of hours were dedicated to the redesign, following the priorities defined in the website audit.

3 page mockups for the newly redesigned site
Sample component design displaying an image with some basic facts overlayed
Sample component design displaying an image with some basic facts overlayed
Sample component design displaying an image with some basic facts overlayed

New E-course Platform Integration

In addition to the one-on-one support that the Export Navigator Advisors offer, the organization wanted to include free online courses to help businesses kick start their exporting journey.

The courses are offered and managed utilizing Learndash, and our Design and Dev teams were responsible for customizing its look and feel, while ensuring seamless integration with their Wordpress environment. The result is a platform that is simple and straightforward for both users and content editors.

E-course Video Creation

Small Team Tenacity

Goat is a web development company, that doesn't mean we don't know how to do other things. In fact, by our very nature as a small team, we know how important it is to be adaptable, and call upon other skills when the right opportunity to use them presents itself. In this case Export Navigator were pleased to find that our team had video editing, sound editing and motion design capabilities among our ranks.

Everybody in on the Action

Much like any project plan, it's important to get clarity on deliverables and requirements from the outset. Video work is no different, however it requires a different set of tools to meet consensus where narrative is concerned. The client was gracious enough to supply us with a detailed order of action for their Exporting Your Services e-course, which we were then able to turn into a storyboard, allowing us to run-through each scene, and explain our ideas for how we'd visually represent the information being shared in the voice over.

Wheels in Motion

Once approval on the storyboards was agreed upon, we set to work creating the six videos, working with existing brand assets and creating new ones where necessary. We focussed on injecting creativity into scene transitions, adding flare to existing material while making sure to stay on brand. Exercising good practice on file setup is also important to make the process as organized as possible and easy to adapt or change elements quickly if needed.

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