Focusing on four key disciplines to deliver work we're always proud of.

At Goat, we believe the best projects are created from the overlap of strategic insight and great design. Whether we're creating a complex digital tool that only your team will ever see, or we're creating ad campaign assets, our team is using those two guiding principles to deliver the absolute best outcomes. 

We also know that the most powerful question in our business is 'why'. Why do you want to build this? Why do your customers choose you over others? Why are you in business? If we work together, you're going to hear 'why' a lot. It's a good thing. 



A strategy-first approach to complex business problems.


Effective communication is derived from an effective marketing strategy, and strategy is at the core of everything Goat does. By understanding our clients’ goals, challenges, and audience, we confidently chart a purpose-driven path forward. Strategic insight means better choices, better outcomes, and smoother projects.

We lean on our clients’ experience, then validate findings with data and research. When appropriate, we’ll ask to connect with your staff or customers to dive even deeper, with interviews, surveys, or usability studies.

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  • Brand Research
  • Discovery Workshops
  • Customer Research
  • Product Strategy
  • Brand Strategy


Design is more than the final images, colors, and experience your users see and interact with. Design is the activities, processes, and planning which lead up to the moment where people interact with you and say ‘wow’. It’s thoughtful, and built to last.

Our clients don’t hire us to take orders, they hire us to go deeper. Our creative process starts from the inside out, interviewing stakeholders and conducting user research. As we uncover your users’ desires, pains, and journeys, we plan design work that sparks interaction and the right emotions.

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  • User Interface Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Digital Identity Systems
  • Graphic Design


As the world collectively leans on digital products, users grow to demand flawless experiences at every interaction, on every device. A single slow load, 404, or broken interaction can do significant damage to your user experience and reputation.

Goat is an agency that embraces change - never for the sake of change, but for the sake of delivering the best possible outcomes. That’s why clients, from independent businesses to massive institutions, trust Goat with their digital products.

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  • Full Stack Development
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  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Technical Scope Development and Consulting

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