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Built out of a desire to make digital experiences better with a healthy balance of adaptability and candor.


About Us

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Organizations pushing for change know that success amounts to nothing if the relationship is one-sided.

Great experiences are born out of a respectful tension between vastly different perspectives. We’ll bring behavioural insights, design ideas, and technical breakdowns. You bring deep knowledge of the company, industry and past endeavours.

Let’s both promise to bring politeness and inclusivity, leaving pettiness at the virtual door.

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Principles of Work

A purposeful guide to delivering successful, healthy digital products.


Small, cross-discipline teams.

Building digital experiences requires integrated teams of strategy, design, and development working closely together from the offset, not a siloed step-by-step process.


Design as a business solution.

Understanding the impact of design on business goals is like breaking through the fourth wall. Magical things can happen to those who embrace it.


A step back for two steps forward.

We embrace the opportunity to gain a little perspective on projects. Rather than jumping in with assumptions and taking things at face value, we unlock new doors by simply asking ‘why?’


We thrive on change.

The digital world evolves fast, and so do we. Implementing the latest tech is essential in elevating brands and their products.


In it for the long haul.

The greatest digital products are always evolving. We foster working relationships with our clients to enable optimization and growth over time.


Integration with the development team.

The best digital products are made by designers and engineers working closely together. Our process is built around tight cooperation with the development team from the early stages.

"The work with Goat is always continuous. They keep us up to standard and on top of our industry. They're incredible partners to have on your side."

Carmen Dueck, General Manager - Integrative Naturopathic Medical Centre


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Sam Leirsch

Project Manager

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Terence Sawtell

Founder & Strategy Director

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Sheena R


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Aidan Reid

Project Manager

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Heather Browne

User Researcher & Interface Designer

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Andre Diniz

User Researcher & Interface Designer

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Andrew Baxter


Frequently Asked Questions

When were you founded?

Goatsocial Creative Inc. (DBA Goat) incorporated October 27th, 2015.

Are you hiring right now?

Check out the Contact page to see our current job postings!

Where are you located?

We're currently based on Vancouver, British Columbia, but operate as a fully distributed team across Canada. We have team members in Nova Scotia, Ontario and British Columbia.

We're here to brainstorm, and we're pretty friendly.

There's no one-size-fits-all solution for business challenges. Let's discover your potential together.