A close-knit and dedicated group of strategists, designers and developers.

You can't do great work without loving what you do, and we can confidently say that Goat loves what Goat does. 

In 2013, we were a one-person website development agency. Today, we're a passionate group of curious professionals who solve problems together, sing together, and grow together. 

How have we been able to grow? By adapting and improving, while simultaneously never losing sight of why it all began. 



We evolved from Goatsocial to Goat.
Our vision stayed the same.

Goat was founded in 2013 as Goatsocial with a vision to change the website design industry. We believed that all creatives and agencies should be held accountable for their work. In an industry that often hid poor client experiences behind jargon and confusion, we adopted transparent processes and focused on client education. 

7 years later, we're still client-driven and jargon-free. We only say "yes" when we know we can meet our own high standards in ethics and outcomes. We'll always adapt to industries to suit our client's needs, but we'll never stray from what we create best: human-centric websites, digital experiences, and campaigns.

Goat Office Wall
Goat Camping Hammock
Goat Office Dev
Goat Skating Team

Our values define who we are and how we work.


We treat unfamiliar clients with humility and respect.

Some agencies can make you feel stupid. No industry fluffiness here, just clear explanations.


We always have our teammates' back.

Like a hockey team, we thrive on camaraderie and look out for one another. There’s no ‘i’ in Goat.


We’re fun, haphazard and
off-the-chart sometimes.

Like goats, we’re resourceful and inquisitive, but slightly mischievous. However, if you drop us on a steep cliff we’ll always find a way down.


We thrive on change.

The digital world evolves fast and so do we. Implementing the latest tech is essential in elevating brands and their products.


We don’t just do as we’re told.

Our knowledge defines us. We question everything, and our clients love us for it. We’ll never refuse, but will always question why.


We believe in the power
of design.

Design is a fundamental tool of influence around the world, and we can't value it highly enough. The clients we work with also agree.


We value brick and mortar.

We’re a little old school. We believe people do business with people, which is why we have a real office. We also believe in accountability, which is easier face-to-face.

Squad goals.

Terence headshot 1

Terence Sawtell

Founder & Strategy Director

Josh headshot 1

Josh Mann

Creative Director

Carmen headshot 1

Carmen Shing


Heather headshot 1

Heather Browne

Visual Designer

Inna Sidorova

Inna Sidorova

Project Manager

Tim headshot 1

Tim Lu


Katy headshot 1

Katy Witts

User Experience Designer

Bryce headshot 1

Bryce Lokken

Digital Strategist

Mara Alvarez

Mara Alvarez

Account Manager

We're here to brainstorm, and we're pretty friendly. 

There's no one-size-fits-all solution for business challenges. Let's discover your potential together.

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