In January of 2020 a long-standing client, Continuum of Moorsville, NC were acquired by the large telecoms provider TDS. The transition involved a gradual switching of call-signs over a six month stretch, resulting in a blended offering incorporating the TDS brand whilst retaining everything about Continuum that keeps it loved locally.

Retaining the structure of the original Continuum site we built, we updated CSS styling alongside new asset creation and integration of existing TDS photography to align it with TDS branding on a granular basis.

Continuum have always appreciated our creative approach to asset creation and are not averse to playfulness; it lends itself well to the personalized service their customers expect. We were pleased to be offered a little creative freedom with the new material and a chance for these characteristics to remain.

By leveraging our knowledge and familiarity with WordPress, we were able to alter styling quickly and easily, whilst ensuring the quality and continuity of service that Continuum had come to know, and that they expect from us as they move forward as TDS.

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