Skipper Otto challenges traditional means of buying seafood by connecting consumers directly to the fishermen. Their unique model aims to keep small scale fishing alive in B.C and ensure customers have access to the very best wild, sustainable seafood.

We faced three primary challenges approaching this project - Telling the Skipper Otto story, explaining the buying process and providing clarification around a confusing signup window. With these objectives in mind, we created an engaging experience which connects to consumers on an emotional level, allowing them to gain a deep understanding of what's required and then take action.


We created a custom icon set to add a splash of B.C wilderness.


The identity was outdated and not suited to a digital environment. Dropping to titlecase and refreshing the style allowed for a friendlier and more welcoming feel. We also dropped the 's which shifted focus from an individual to a product, providing opportunity for brand growth in years to come.


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