Seeking Blue Records


Seeking Blue is a present-day record label born from YouTube curator MrSuicideSheep. In a competitive industry, where many struggle to form an identity, this humble label has managed to establish a deep personal connection with their fans. In their own words they 'provide a collective experience and journey through music and stories.'

With a brand position that many would describe as mysterious, dreamy, and wistful, Seeking Blue came to us with the goal of creating an immersive experience which represented artists and engaged fans, but stayed true to their vision.

Goat worked alongside Seeking Blue's in-house designer Lauren Bortoli to bring her whimsical designs to life in the digital space. While staying true to the original concept, it was important for us to add value in areas of layout, typography and most importantly, user interaction.


Although crucial to most website projects, a conventional user experience was not called upon for Seeking Blue. A site that followed predictable rules and easy-to-use navigation would betray the expectations and personality of their brand. In order to facilitate our client’s needs, some rules would have to be bent, and others completely broken.


With the internet overflowing with content, users are quickly becoming desensitized to processing information on screen. This results in the average online user craving simplicity. With Seeking Blue, we flipped the switch, and set out to make information harder to obtain. This increases awareness of the situation, engages the user, and encourages them to find meaning on their own.


Hidden menus, secret easter eggs, and braille fonts are just a few examples of devices that were used to setup barriers between the user and content. Just as the Seeking Blue brand promises, this information-seeking journey through their record label would be memorable, meaningful and damned right dream-like.


Start your own dreamy adventure: Visit Seeking Blue

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