JBS Equipment design and manufacture agricultural farming equipment with a unique made-to-order model and zero inventory. As a 50 person strong company, they pride themselves on exceptional design, superior attention to detail, and innovating a stagnant agriculture industry.

JBS were struggling with all aspects of their existing brand, and came to us looking for a way to clarify what they stood for. From processes and operations, to hiring, internal culture, and design output, we set about building an identity from the very core of the company.

We interviewed employees, dealers, and farmers, and held internal focus groups to gain widespread insight into JBS. We sought to learn how JBS are positioned in the minds of those closest to them, and how these perceptions compare internally and externally.

"As a small, locally-owned manufacturer of agriculture equipment, we had no idea of the impact a strong brand strategy could have. Goat taught us that brand isn't just about a logo but extends beyond the visual elements and into the way our company is perceived by our customer base and our internal team. They spent an incredible amount of time talking to our staff and customers and provided us with the insight we needed to transform our brand into something we believe in. Not only does it look incredible, the fundamentals of the brand strategy are cohesive, and provide a rallying point for our entire team. We've seen a 16% growth in revenue over the prior year, and we're excited to see how our brand develops over the next few years."

Brandan Barnier
Marketing Director