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Integrative Naturopathic Medical Centre is Vancouver’s leading alternative health clinic. Founded in 1984, Integrative has built a nationwide reputation with progressive treatments and industry-leading programs across a wide spectrum of health. They pride themselves on integrity and strive to progress a naturopathic industry rife with dishonesty and malpractice.

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We worked with Integrative to help them transform their values and daily practices into a brand that reflected such. After interviewing staff, doctors, and patients, we set about establishing Integrative’s purpose, focusing not just on their role in holistic health, but their larger responsibility across the entire medical landscape in Canada.

A few things came to light. Integrative was the premium authority on alternative health, infusing western medicine and state-of-the-art medical procedures with traditional holistic practices, creating an unrivalled experience for all patients.

First and foremost, their existing brand was lacking a premium aesthetic. We dropped the bloated, over-designed wordmark and developed a more elegant solution inspired by hospital signage and Tibetan calligraphy. The resulting wordmark is authoritative with a touch of flair. As for the iconic knot, it simply needed updating. Making the stroke thinner opens up the negative space and provides more breathing room. Perfect for small sizes.

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Inspired by the human body, we developed a set of supporting patterns that support the overall visual language. These microscopic patterns are elegant, playful and - thanks to a step-by-step process - repeatable for future brand development.

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Alongside the rebrand Goat also launched an extensive new website, which carries the brand visually and emotionally, providing a vital patient touchpoint in the Integrative journey. Patients can learn all about treatments, discover new research, and book an appointment online.

We began preliminary research by identifying the primary uses of the website; analyzing behaviour of new site visitors, returning visitors and patients of Integrative. By looking at historical data, we found that many new users, often unfamiliar with Integrative, were utilizing the previous website as a source of information, using the search function to find what they were looking for.

With this in mind, the search function became one of the primary actions in the homepage hero area. The powerful search bar features 'as-you-type' suggestions, providing quick targeted results to allow the user to find specific content with ease. Data suggested that new users often drop off after finding what they were looking for, so we ensured that site content was interlinked as much as possible, guiding the user from one page to another, ensuring the ability to book an appointment was top-of-mind through clear call-to-action buttons

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After speaking with Integrative patients, we found that many primarily used the site to rebook appointments and download resources prescribed by their practitioner. The direct behaviour of existing patients led to the creation of the 'Patient Hub' - a one-stop-shop for patients to easily visit the resource centre, download intake forms or to book a new appointment.

The new interlinking structure of the site helps to guide users - new and old - to their desired destination, helping to educate users on the benefits of naturopathic medicine in a holistic, transparent and easy-to-navigate way.

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