Forerunners has been a staple in the Kitsilano neighbourhood since 1991, providing runners and athletes with quality gear, training clinics, and running events. They came to Goat with a DIY brand and a real lack of tangible assets. With a new store opening on the horizon, we worked with Forerunners to completely overhaul their visual identity.

Like many makeshift brands from humble beginnings, the logo lacked in many areas. It was dull, confusing and failed to represent the progressive, community-driven organization Forerunners had become. The wordmark itself, screams forward motion. We took that and ran with it.

Not content on stripping away all aspects of the logo, we evolved both the iconic 'F' and the wordmark to be more modern and authoritative. The hexagonal features move the brand away from organic shapes, and elevates Forerunners to a level of purpose. Purpose to run, and to succeed.

Hexagons, and subsequently triangles, form a contemporary and flexible visual language that can be explored and evolved over time.