Fluxwerx design and engineer exceptional lighting products. They pride themselves on being at the forefront of LED lighting technology across North America, through distinctive design and breakthrough optic technology. With a new product launch on the horizon, and a revamp of an existing lighting family, we were asked to design and build a landing page to announce this exciting Fall Collection.


As a product company, Fluxwerx have obsessive attention to detail. They continue to deliver products which - in their own words - are an optimal balance between energy, atmosphere and occupant. We set out to match that vision by pushing the limits of what traditional front-end web development can achieve. The resulting page elevated their latest product into the digital world, and delivered to consumers an immersive experience that aligned to the very core of the Fluxwerx brand.


Interactivity was a priority when crafting this experience. Fluxwerx products can be customized depending on the type of installation. With these variations changing the aesthetic of each fixture, we felt it necessary to show this in real time to potential customers.

Paired with the landing page is a registration funnel that allows users to sign up for an online webinar. An onboarding campaign is automatically triggered based on the users region, allowing Fluxwerx to connect with their interested customers.


"After 25 years in the design industry, I've worked with many teams. Goat impressively came together, understood the requirements, navigated our brand and produced an elevated product we’re extremely proud to share. Throughout the project - and on tight constraints and very short timelines - their energy, enthusiasm, expertise and professionalism shone."

Ben Garfinkel - Marketing Manager


Visit site: The Fall Collection

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