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Angela Watson is on a mission to empower teachers to live a more purposeful and conscious life. Her e-learning courses aim to help educators build a positive mindset, take charge of their time and energy, and prevent burnout so they can remain in the profession they love for years to come.

Five years ago, Angela realized she tapped into an underserved market. As her user base began to grow, the manual processes of distributing content through Google Drive links and collecting payments through PayPal became cumbersome.

Inundated daily with administrative tasks and questions, Angela knew she needed a more efficient and cost-effective way to scale. What started as a request to automate content distribution and payments evolved into a bespoke digital course delivery platform, customized for the K-12 sector of users in North America and around the world. This e-learning site represented one component of an entire overhaul of Angela’s Digital Identity Systems.

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Out-of-the-box, WordPress has a lot of technical limitations. Using custom code, we built a platform that is fast, reliable, secure, and easy to use on all devices. User-friendliness was critical for Angela’s audience as the range of technological literacy varies.

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To meet the high expectations of Angela and her loyal customers, we designed an experience that made it easy and delightful for individuals to access materials, digest content, and connect with other learners. Every launch brought a new set of suggestions, which were incorporated iteratively. Since its inception, the platform has gone through three significant overhauls and hundreds of small updates to maintain its smooth and enjoyable experience.

By replacing the manual PayPal process with Stripe, we set up a reliable payment management system that ensures invoices are processed on time. Having payments automated through the platform also provides better security and protection for users at scale.

To prevent users from being inundated with course content immediately after completing registration, new lessons are released every few weeks. Course subscriptions are dripped out through a proprietary schedule that Angela’s administrators can easily adjust in the backend with a custom-built module.

Angela created a system that rewards referrals with an Amazon gift card. Rather than manually moderating incoming referrals, a custom module automatically generates a report that is then actioned by Angela’s team. Affiliate software is also linked to the platform to streamline those relationships.

Schools and districts require a different way to provide Angela’s courses to their teachers and staff. Our platform built in licensing options for various types of buyers, making it easy for users to identify and purchase the correct license and administrators to manage in the backend.

The back-end experience had to be user-friendly and extremely fast to manage aggressive content creation and course launch cycles. We made it so Angela and her team can edit and customize everything depending on what type of course or lesson is being designed. There are also plenty of redundancies built-in to ensure that the site stays live and usable, even when things fail.

Using a truly Agile approach, we collaboratively improved our processes and delivery at every step—and it paid off. After five years and three iterations of the product, Angela’s user base has grown from 720 to 37,000 members. Of those 37,000, 30,000 users log into the platform each week. More than 50 gigabytes of material are downloaded monthly, and this number explodes at the launch of every new course.

In five years, Goat enabled Angela Watson to scale globally. While she continues to deliver amazing content, her easy-to-use and reliable digital ecosystem allow her to fulfill her mission of empowering teachers every day.

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