Sam Leirsch

Project Manager

Hailing from Ontario, moving from Toronto to the heart of PEC wine country, Sam spends most of her free time learning about cold climate and natural fermented wines straight from the source. When not tasting the local spoils, you can find her lifting weights, cuddling her fat cat Sandy or cooking way too much food.

As a former digital producer in the advertising world, Sam guided her team to success managing projects from apps to massive website builds to live streams and broadcast production. Some of the clients she worked with include Volkswagen, Whirlpool/Maytag, Kitchenaid, Cineplex, Volvo, Audi and Bell. Leaving the traditional agency life to find a new home in smaller shops and start ups, Sam joined the remote-work life a couple years ahead of the curve of what may be the new working model.

Sam leads by example. Her team can count on her to be in the trenches alongside, and taking the hits for them (hello, Enneagram 8 and Myers Briggs ISFJ) all in the name of successful outcome and reaching collective goals.

If you ever need a new workout routine, meal planning tips or want to talk for way too long about dungeons and dragons, look no further than Sam.

Game of Thrones House


Favourite food


My greatest love is

Reaching new goals/personal bests in the gym. And wine, definitely wine.

Top 3 songs of the week