Josh Mann

Creative Director

Hailing from Colchester - the oldest recorded town in England - Josh fled to Canada to escape a post-Brexit life. After spending a ski season in the Kootenays in 2012, Josh realized that snowboarding was nothing without design, so he moved to Vancouver where he could do both.

With a background in traditional graphic design and branding, Josh believes that all successful projects are strategy-driven and design focused. He loves corporate identity manuals and historic logomarks which stand the test of time. FYI - The Bass Brewery logo was the first British trademark in 1875 and has barely changed since.

Outside of Goat, Josh likes to take pictures, walk his Weiner dog, and drive around B.C with his girlfriend, usually straight to Ikea. He also dabbles in exciting things that he's sure to quit before starting another, such as skateboarding, boxing and hiking.

My greatest love is

Bass Brewery Logo

Favourite food

Thai Green Curry

Game of Thrones House

House Tyrell

Top 3 songs of the week