Darren Harkness

Director of Operations

Known as Beardy McGee to those in the know, and Director of Operations to everyone else, Darren was born sometime in the past and reared in the age of electricity. Darren’s dad gave him the kind of cutting-edge electronics his current partner still besmirches as overboard and unnecessarily expensive (really? 25 pins? that’s rather too fancy).

Darren is a pretty useful person. He can change a lightbulb, install a range hood, or rewire the electrical panel in his newly built home office. He can also run a business; he’s been running things online since his teens. His graduate degree is from the University of Alberta, where he argued that identity on the Internet is artificially constructed by social media long before there were specials on Netflix about it.

Darren has built his career through sweat equity (the only equity that counts in his home). He has flourished because he generally likes people and does all he can to make sure they succeed.

If you ever need someone to talk to about Iain M Banks, play “House of Danger” with, or debate the finer points of career growth, well, heck, Darren is your guy.

Game of Thrones House

House Tyrell


Favourite food

Dr. Pepper, Butter Chicken, Carbs in general

My greatest love is

My Kid.