Bryce Lokken

Digital Strategist

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Top 3 songs of the week

Bryce Lokken

Digital Strategist

Game of Thrones House


Favourite food

Chicken Swimming Rama

My greatest love is

My hairless cat, named Mic. (Pronounced Meetsz)

Bryce was born and raised in small-town Northern BC. Growing up, he always had a strange affinity for understanding marketing and learning new technology. While most kids wanted to make volcanoes for science fairs, he wanted to study the demographic targeting of ads by TV program or get into the principle’s files. Bryce is not fun at parties.

Over the course of his 11 years in marketing and business development, Bryce has worked at agencies, cannabis startups, powersports dealerships, and eBay. Bryce works with Goat’s clients on digital media buying, creating digital ads and content people will actually look at, remarketing, analytics, and social media. He has many certifications, including Google Ads.

In his spare time, Bryce makes music, plays with his hairless cat, runs half marathons, and watches 82 Canucks games per year.