Brodan Iredale


Born in Vancouver, Brodan is known for being a people person through and through. That coupled with being a massive extravert and a huge nerd, he knows how to host a good party and make people feel included. Brodan spends most of his free time hanging out with friends, either at the beach or online playing games.

Before graduating from BrainStation and becoming a developer, he had a variety of jobs. Some of his greatest hits were: setting up concerts, conducting bus tours around Vancouver, working retail at a hardware store, and working as a Customer Success Manager at a Legal Tech company. He is excited to use all of his acquired skills to create peoples dreams!

Brodan believes customer success comes first, and has always had a passion for helping people and building. He has always enjoyed figuring out how things work, and seeing a person’s face light up when they got the help they needed.

He lives closely to three sentences that have always resonated with him; Be proud of the life you live. Fall in love with the process, rather than the product. Refuse to waste the gift that is today.