Goat Team — June 25th

GS GOODS in the ‘HOOD: Burritos


by Goat Team — June 25th

GS GOODS in the ‘HOOD: Burritos

There’s nothing better than juicy, spicy, goods all wrapped up in an edible blanket (also referred to as a burrito). Lucky for the Goatsocial team, there’s incredible burritos all around us in downtown Vancouver. Being the opinionated, experienced burrito professionals that we are, we decided to rank them so that you didn’t have to.

Our Number 1: Budgie’s Burritos

You know the type of place that looks from the outside like it will either be the worst, poop-inducing burrito of your life, or the best hidden gem you ever found? Budgie’s is one of those, with their quirky hand painted sign suggesting either haphazardy and delapitation, or maybe, really creative people. Let us assure you that if you make it inside, Budgie’s will not disappoint. Budgie’s is extra heaven for vegans an vegetarians, with options such as the Blair Stanley that will have even meat eaters drooling (garlic potatoes in a burrito. Garlic potatoes in a burrito. Garlic potatoes in a burrito.) The structural integrity of the burrito itself is perhaps the best we’ve encountered, and the sauce levels are above average, though we recommend getting two salsa’s if you can navigate the sauce like we can. Over all, our 10/10, top choice for the neighborhood.


Some things are overrated, something are highly rated because they are just damn good. We hate how much we love Tacofino- just cause it’s nearly getting too popular. But the hype is definitely justified- the fillings are so unique and creative and the vibes are all time. Although famous for their tacos, their burritos feature chorizo, barbacoa, cauliflower, and more. If you’re looking for the true Vancouver experience, hit up Tacofino, take your instagram pic, and then grab us some takeout pls and thx!

Red Burrito

Red Burrito is not the closest to us, but their deliciousness, low prices, and REAL horchata are so worth the bike ride to Commercial. They have incredible veggie options, and are super speedy too. Would definitely recommend a trip to Red.

La Taqueria

This one’s near and dear to our both our hearts and our office. We’ll admit, we usually come for their fun street style bb tacos, but if you’re feeling like you need a lot of food, their burritos are a force to be reckoned with. Huge. Were talking monsters. Beautiful monster babies full of goods. Plus, La Taqueria has 33 Acres (our fav beer) and Dickie’s ginger beer (Eva’s fav).

Las Margaritas

If you’re looking for a sunny patio, a big plate of classic New Mexico style food, or a good margarita pitcher, this place is for you. It’s a little pricier and a bit further from us goats, but it’s hard to find this style of burrito in Vancouver. Classic beans and rice and a big ole’ baby smothered in green Chile? Hit us with that.


If for some highly unlikely reason you’ve never had Chipotle, you might as well investigate the entire world’s infatuation and give it a go. Although there’s nothing inherently wrong with Chipotle (other than it’s staggering success and one weird meat crisis that’s a ways in the past and we forgive them), we’re convinced the true marketing secret is ~personalization~. It’s just too fun for us humans to pick each and every thing that we want inside our personal burrito babies, and Chipotle knows this. Damn you, Chipotle.

Did we miss any? Let us know your favouGS GOODS in the ‘HOOD: Burritosrite local burrito places, and we'll go check them out!

Goat Team — June 25th

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