Terence Sawtell — August 11th

Goat Selected by High River for Digital Transformation Project

An integrated tourism and civic website for High River, Alberta.

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by Terence Sawtell — August 11th

Goat Selected by High River for Digital Transformation Project

We're proud to share that Goat has been selected by the Town of High River to undertake a digital transformation project which will see their current tourism and municipal websites merged into one improved product.

Our team showed interest in the project early on. High River has a rich history and is situated at the base of the Rocky Mountains, offering up stunning landscape and outdoor opportunities. A short commute from Calgary, High River is known for its strong community spirit and residents’ willingness to look out for one another.

Traditionally, municipalities would have different departments for Tourism, Civic, and Commerce efforts, but High River is challenging the status quo with an integrated strategy. We're excited to be part of this challenge, and are confident that Goat can build a strong product that will service High River’s residents for years to come.

"Our vision is for a hybrid destination marketing/local government website that stands out and dares to be different. A website with “a sense of cool.” A website that inspires pride in staff and in the community.

The Goat team has the passion and skills, along with some unique qualities, to meet our goals for a website that is unlike typical government websites. They are a young, edgy group with a seasoned leader, Terence Sawtell, who decided to break the mold when he formed his own company. From the outset their strong values and desire to collaborate in an honest, jargon-free manner appealed to our review team."

Chris Prosser, Chief Administrative Officer, Town of High River

We look forward to a long and productive partnership!

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Terence Sawtell — August 11th

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