Goat Team — August 23rd

Escape Your Nine-To-Five: Goatsocial Goes Camping


by Goat Team — August 23rd

Escape Your Nine-To-Five: Goatsocial Goes Camping

Monday through Friday, 9AM to 5PM, the team here at Goatsocial works hard nerding out about the kerning of fonts (Josh), our love for repeater fields (Tim), or the perfect digital marketing campaign (Wittsy). But as we all know, the nine-to-five life can be draining, and an important part of staying fresh is shaking things up.

So this week, we decided to pull off a one night camping trip at a lake about 2 hours north of our office in Vancouver, and make it back in time for coffee before our first meeting.

Here’s how we pulled it off, and how you can do the same:

Step 1:

Pre-load up your truck with a large amount of chips, popcorn, camping essentials, and 5 employees, all squeezed in. Initiate tapping your toes in anticipation under your desk at about 4:30. Drive away at exactly 5:01pm.

Step 2:

It’s absolutely necessary for any adventure north of Vancouver to stop at Mag’s 99. If you’ve poked around our other blog posts, you might remember how we are burrito fanatics. Mag’s 99 is a rare gem that looks like it’s right out of Breaking Bad on the outside, but the inside is the perfect blend of a Mexican Cantina and a fried chicken paradise. So make sure you load up on takeout (call ahead if you’re smart) and hit the road.

Step 3:

Roll up to Levette Lake. You’re gonna need 4WD to make it up the long dirt road, but if you persevere, you’ve got stunning views of the jagged Tantalus range and the glaciers that cover them waiting for you. There’s beautiful campsites right by the water, including bear bins, picnic tables, and fire rings if the season permits!

Step 4:

Jump on in! Whether you’re an avid alpine lake goer like Kika, or a bold new swimmer like Tim, the water temperature is definitely bearable. And waiting for you in the waters is a rock and further out, an island, that you can swim out to and enjoy the view!

Step 5:

Devour your takeout once your dried off and warm and cozy. At this point in the evening, we highly recommend bringing board games! We played one of our favorite games, Hoot, perfect for making a group of people belly laugh and producing immediate inside jokes.

Step 6:

Tuck yourself into your sleeping bags and make sure to put any loud snorers on the other side of the campsite (Cough, cough, Tim, cough). If there’s no chance of rain, take off the rain fly off your tent and enjoy the trees and stars poking through.

Step 7:

Wake up nice and early to the peaceful lake, and pack up! If you’re similar to us and can’t function without coffee, we recommend the Bean Around the World in Brackendale. Shockingly (or maybe not at all shockingly), we all got breakfast burritos.


Step 8:

If you see goats on the side of the road on the way home, you better pull over. And scratch them. Even if it's 7AM.

We hope you enjoyed hearing about our mid week adventure, and we hope you get out and enjoy the outdoors too! How do you break away from your work week routine?

Goat Team — August 23rd

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