Terence Sawtell, Founder & Strategy Director — September 17th

A change in work style for Goat

Change for Goat

by Terence Sawtell, Founder & Strategy Director — September 17th

A change in work style for Goat

Goat has become a hybrid office and distributed team! This move represents a significant change as our culture was born out of a desire to see humans doing business with humans face-to-face. So much so, we made in-person interactions and the presence of a physical office one of our company values.

We value brick and mortar.

We’re a little old school. We believe people do business with people, which is why we have a real office. We also believe in accountability, which is easier face-to-face.

Our industry has been moving towards remote work for quite some time. COVID-19 just accelerated the need for flexibility. Shifting to a distributed team removes the barrier of hiring talent from a different city and offers team members a chance to make life changes without worrying about the impact on their employment.

We will be searching for a smaller office to give those with a busy home a place to work from and conduct workshops and client meetings when it is safe to do so. In the meantime, we are adjusting our processes to ensure we can work together and with our clients, providing the same level of service and dedication online as in person.

Continuous Growth

With these changes comes an adjustment to one of our company values. The ethos behind "We value brick and mortar" hasn't changed. We created it because we value doing business with humans in person, not over email. Our work is a product of human to human accountability and a desire to build digital products out of collaboration, not  silos. So without further ado, the evolution of our seventh value is:

We believe people do great work with people.

The best work is the product of face-to-face collaboration. Our processes will always be rooted in human-centric collaboration and accountability, with a focus on eliminating silos and echo chambers.

We look forward to producing the same great work and excelling in this new hybrid environment with our team and clients.

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Terence Sawtell, Founder & Strategy Director — September 17th

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